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How to contribute

🚀 We are happy you are here! Blitz Guard is built by all of us, if you want to contribute and this guide is not enough don't hesitate to start a discussion

Our goal#

Blitz Guard is an authorization library, which is focused on providing an easy way to secure your application. Therefore we have to make sure we don't break the core logic when making changes.

So please:

1. Make tests for any new functionality

2. Add any documentation that might help the developer

3. If you think something needs refactoring and you'd like to do it go ahead, there's always room for improvement!

For anything that might involve breaking changes you can start a discussion


1. Fork the blitz-guard repo

2. Clone your forked repo

git clone[YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME]/blitz-guard.git
cd blitz

3. Install dependencies


4. Start the package server. This must be running for any package development or example development

yarn dev

5. Run tests

yarn test

6. When you are happy, push your branch and make a Pull Request to the main repo.

What to expect after that: Tests will be run on the PR and it will be checked by one of the maintainers. If everything is okay it will be merged or some changes will be requested.

Don't take it personally if that happens, our goal is to keep a healthy and easy to understand codebase.

Sync your fork#

If your fork is outdated, get the latest changes from the main branch.

git remote add upstream
git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/main

Package structure#

Blitz Guard is a lerna monorepo with Yarn Workspaces, this makes it easier to build, test and release.

It currently consists of 3 main folders


/packages/core: It's the library itself. Any change that you'like to do to Blitz Guard goes here.

Run yarn dev from the root of the repo.

Example App#

/example: It's a basic example app with Blitz Guard set up. It's linked to package/core so any change that you do the package will be reflected in the example app.

yarn example:dev

If its the first time you'll need to run cd example && blitz prisma generate to generate the prisma client.


/docs : A Docusaurus site with all the documentation for Blitz Guard.

Run the development server:

yarn docs:dev